Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random kid pics

This is Ali giving Caleb a piggy back ride. Now you have to understand that Ali doesn't weight much more than Caleb. Notice the death wrap he has her in. We were all cracking up over this one. She hasn't offered since.

These are great hairdos done by none other than well, me :) What can I say. When you are a little girl you do your dolly's hair when you grow up you do your kids hair. Just practicing!

Laundry day

Ok every mom can relate to this and if they cannot then they are in denial and in need of counseling. The laundry basket is never empty! Just when you think it is something else hops in there! I still don't know what the bottom looks like


We happened to be matching so this day and thought it would be fun to take some pics by our gate. Ali was dying to get some pics with her baby sister so here are some with the two of them.

Wild hair day

This all started with yogurt in Caleb's hair and ended with hair gel. Fun day at our house for all who were present. We won't show you pics of the grown ups. You can only imagine.

Girls movie night

Becca A and Berta S come over on occasion when Mark is off flying and we eat yummy food and watch a chic flick. This night we made personal fruit pizzas and thought we'd take some pics. Hope you enjoy drooling :) You could try to guess who's was who's.

Our newest little addition

Well, there is so much that has happened and so much to say since we last posted about our daughter. We've decided to name her Zoe. This name was a gift from God as Mark and I rarely agree on names. We decided to claim the meaning for her life. Her name means life, God given life, high quality of life and eternal life. We felt this was the perfect name for our baby girl who before she's even had a breath of air has had odds playing against her. A few months ago she was diagnosed with OI (see older blog for more details and link). This has been a roller coaster of a time for us. We have been greatly encouraged and strengthened by so many many peoples prayers. God has really been faithful to us. The day we got the diagnosis the doctor said there was a one percent chance of her not having OI. We've had a few more ultrasounds to watch her growth and bones and such and each time gets better. She is just perfect. This doesn't rule out OI but it has certainly given us and maybe even the doctor a reason to believe that she may indeed be a healthy little girl. Her odds keep getting better so to speak. We will not know until a few months after she is born whether she has OI or not but we are so thankful for all those that are praying for her! I can see before my eyes your prayers being answered. Please everyone keep praying for Zoe. We are hoping for a miracle thanks to many of you who have encouraged us! Jess