Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My bountiful harvest!

Can you say yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my garden. Believe me when I tell you I am no pro gardener. It is all hit and miss. This year I planted spinach like ummmm 6 times! Well, needless to say after trying and trying and trying again here it is! When I want it I have it to pick. It is quite funny really. I planted seeds several time and watered them etc. Well the darn seeds wouldn't sprout. So the kids saw the seed packets and ask to plant the seed. (kids were mine and the schmids) So they planted seeds themselves on several different days also. Well, like a month or so after the last time we planted them they started sprouting up everywhere! It was laughable. I don't even know what to say. Well, we have it growing around everything else I have planted out there. Too fun! Wanna salad? Come on over and bring the dressing :)

Micah's icecream cake

Here are some pictures of Micah's bday cake. Beating egg whites is a normal process that most of us do regularly but beating egg yolks til they foam is not. Here is part of the process. This may bore you but I was so incredibly fascinated I had to take pictures to share. If you ever want to make an excellent ice cream cake a good option for the cake part is sponge cake. Trust me people it is delicious! Can I get some positive comments from those who have tasted a Jessica ice cream cake! Can I hear a wha wha! It is a delicate and slightly intimidating process but if you can make waffles from scratch you can make a sponge cake!

Pics of us!

Here we are! I know most of you might know what we look like but I'm sure some of you only see pictures of our kids on here so here we are. Special thanks to Roberta for taking these pictures of us.