Monday, March 30, 2009

Here is a picture to demonstrate my new hair dooo

Mark loved it so much he kissed me!

Just so you all know I'm trying to update our blog every Monday for sure! Let's see if I can keep this up.

Cool picture of Micah

I just really liked this picture. It turned out fun!

Ali sleeping

Ali had a long weekend with the Arliskas'. She passed out for hours after we came home. I couldn't resist the photo opportunity.

Micah's airplane

It flies super high and fast so we've lost it a few times. Much fun! Notice his little tongue stinking out. He does that in every sport. Plane shooting, skateboarding, football :)

Micah playing football with Dad

Micah has quite the arm! He is our little stud muffin. I should send these pics to the NFL minus the fumbles :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Caleb and balls

Here are some awesome pictures of Caleb. I hope you enjoy them.


Mark and I went camping ALONE! It was such a great weekend. Here are some of our pics. We are pretty silly so bear with it.

Playing Wii.

Drinking Frap!


Cooking Steak!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ali has her own blog!

We are so proud to announce that Ali has her own blog. She takes pictures on her own camera all the time so we thought we would let her start posting them. Congratulations ALI! Check it out.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Caleb gets his own snack

Being the third he often doesn't ask for things he just figures it's better just to take care of business himself. This was so cute and hilarious that he really never got into trouble. I took Berta's advice and took a picture :) We were all just cracking up. At least he decided to share. If you are wondering, yes, this is an entire loaf of bread.

Peanut Butter and Jelly anyone?!

My little photographer

Ok so here is Ali. She is quite in love and has been for years, with taking pictures. If I can get organized enough I would love to start her own blog. The world through Ali's eyes. Complete with videos she has taken. She loves to take pictures and practice taking pictures of all sorts of things. She really is quite good! Here is her and her love, her camera.

Mark and Caleb

Oh how sweet. Two of my boys snuggling in bed together. I can hardly stand it and I just want to kiss their faces!

Some outside fun!

I know we live in Arizona and there is still snow here somewhere, however it has been quite warm here lately. Even on the cool days (70's) the kids love to play outside in the water. We always call our neighbor Josh to see if he wants to come play with us. Most of the pictures I can not post because Caleb was running around in the nude this day. We'll show the ones where he is hidden :) It's hard to believe that other places are still playing in the snow!

Hanging out with friends

I'm not sure who took these pictures and why but I thought they were fun! We were hanging out with the Arliskas girls and I think maybe even the Stayer kids. We love having them over for any reason at all really. I think we make up reasons just to hang out with these cool kids because they are all so neat and such a blessing to us!

As for the pictures of Caleb and the helmet. Well, I guess you can never be too careful when Sarah is up to bat :)

Enbarassing picture

This is an embarrassing picture of Mark and I. I have no idea who took it! He was singing to me with lots of emotion. You'll never guess what artist he was singing and why so I will just have to tell you. Boys II Men were coming in town and so he was kinda doing a trailer or announcement for them. I think deep down inside he wanted to take me to see them so we could feel like teenagers again. Hahaha. Boys II Men is total makin' out music :) The love is still alive!
How many kids do we have again? Maybe we should have gone to the concert.

Our neighbors

Here is a cute picture of Chris and Josh otherwise known as Me (Chris) and Mini Me (Josh).