Sunday, July 27, 2008

We are on our way!

Well, we camped all weekend with our fabulous Sunday school class. We had so much fun I can hardly stand it. It was such a great time. We have a class full of entertaining, warm, friendly, and musical people. It's better than ice cream so if you are a young married person come check us out! You'll be welcomed with open arms and a full cup of coffee or tea! True story, we're called Fresh Grounds for a reason. Anyways, there will be pictures to come. Mark and I had our arms full all weekend and we forgot to pull out the camera, but no fear Chelsey Hudson world famous photographer just happens to be in our Sunday school class and she covered us in the picture area so as soon as I get a hold of some pics I will edit them into this blog.

Anyways I know I'm out of control! We are finally out of AZ and on our way to hmmm we don't really know how far we'll make it tomorrow. Today was kinda a half day and we still drove a little over five hours of actual driving time. We thought that was great for having three very small and very cute children. I have more good news. For those that have been following my year long potty training adventure with Micah... (not really but a year makes this milestone much more dramatic) He went all weekend in undies and stayed dry! We also decided to try it in the car and I am just so impressed with my cute little smiley muscle boy for holding it! He again stayed dry!

I have a great story that will give you all a glimpse into my life and why I love life. I have three very entertaining children and they never let me down in the comedy arena. Today as we were driving, let me set this up first. Ali sit in the middle of the two boys in the back seat and they are all still in car seats. That being said... We pulled out our miniDVD player and Micah had lost interest and wanted to play dinosaurs, Ali pulled the DVD player on her lap and Caleb wasn't sure what he wanted to do but he was chillin. Next thing you know Micah starts making his dinos roar and it was just so so cute. So then he start reaching up and getting me with them as I was sitting in the drivers seat in front of him. Then we thought it would be so cute to see what Caleb would do if Micah's dinos roared at him. So here is Ali in the middle and Micah having little sense of anything thrusts the dino in between Ali's face and the DVD player and yells, "Roar!" to Caleb. I barely even blinked she was so zoned in on the movie so Micah did it again, and again Ali was so focused. It was a crack up I think we could have rolled the truck and Ali would have just held on to the DVD and not even diverted her eyes from the screen. I hope some day her focus on Christ is the same as her focus on our mini DVD! Too Cute.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


This is an unofficial newsletter about the exciting news we have to share. Many of you can be expecting a more formal newsletter in the near future.

We are official members of Wycliffe Bible Translators/Jaars. It is a little complicated and I don't completely understand it, so more to come on that.

So now what? You may be asking, well it is pretty exciting. We are leaving to go back to the east coast. We will be camping with our Sunday school class. Then getting to Hang with the Indy Spangler's, with a chance of going to the Creation museum. Followed up with a stint in N.C. After N.C. we are going to visit friends in Alabama and going to Orlando to do more training. Whew!!

After Orlando, we come home and hopefully visit our Friends in TX.

There is the down and dirty. We are so excited to be entering this stage in our lives.

Please continue to pray with us. We kind of know what we are getting ourselves into, and kind of waiting to see what happens. Very exciting, don't you think?

And to keep you interested here are some random pics...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

These are some fun pictures we took this month. Not in order: Annie and Ali have their hair braided at a sleepover. Micah takes Ali for a ride on his motorcycle. Caleb pondering the complexities of life. Ali is also posing while brushing her teeth. She is wearing some new jammies and a mask to sleep in that mommy made for her. They are tinkerbell!


All three boys happen to have the same shirt so Berta thought it would be fun to have a photo session. We did and here are a few of the fun pics we took. Who's who? Ali had fun trying to entertain them and get them to look at the camera.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Wii are having a fun time!

So our newest addiction is our Nintendo Wii. I hope the webtologist doesn't try to break us from this one. I think he actually wants to come over and play! Tee Hee Hee. I'll have to get some fun videos of us playing our new Wii. Wii Love It and so do all our friends. I'd like to thank Craigslist for having such great deals on so many things! (I'll be selling a ton of our stuff on there soon!) There is something liberating about selling nearly everything you own, except the wii of course :) And we must have internet for webkinz. Tee Hee Hee. Okay so our last video game system was the super nintendo so for nintendo lovers I'd say we've been patient. Well, That's it for now. Come on over and play the Wii!