Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Caleb, Nathan, Grandma, and Grandfather at Rawhide!

Rawhide was fun with the boys and Grandma and Grandfather. Here are some of the pics from there special trip. I even think Grandfather went to jail!

Micah went to the Polar Express with Grandma and Grandfather Moore!

Well, last year Ali went and this year was Micah's turn. They left yesterday afternoon and somehow found snow and threw snowballs! Then they had hot chocolate and cookies on the Polar Express. Micah got some new jammies, slippers, long underwear, mittens, a hat and a coat out of the deal. Oh and let's not forget the bell he recieved from Santa on the train. Thanks Grandma and Grandfather! We love you.

Friday, December 18, 2009

My adventures

Ok so life has been a little stressful lately. Let me start with a story about Micah. He is a little bit of a worrier. I'm sure he got this from me unfortunately. I do not want to teach my kids to worry but instead rely on God and trust in him. So, I am working on that in myself. God is using Micah to teach me not to worry. He worries about things like dinner and lunch and basic needs. Well, We have never forgotten to feed him or take care of him. As I told him that I realized God has NEVER forgotten to provide my basic needs either. Sometimes I feel worried as if God has forgotten me but the truth is he hasn't!

That being said, raising support to go overseas is a hard thing to do and it also requires much faith in God. Sometimes we go without things and other times I think we are going to run out of food and then God provides just when we need it.

Last week our fridge was getting bare and we were starting to make up meals with random food. I was worrying about our situation but God wasn't worried! He sent a storm! It was the most beautiful lightning storm I've seen in about ten years. Mark and I sat on the back porch stress free for a moment, watching the lightning and talking. What we didn't know about this storm is that it would knock out the power of a grocery store. I guess when the electricity is gone from a store they can only leave their cold food for 10 minutes before they can't sell it. Through some strange circumstances God sent us food from this store! It was really expensive yummy food that we don't buy but want to. Oh my goodness. It was so cool. I still laugh about it because God is so much more amazing that he would send me fun food! Praise God for not just His provision but how he provides :)

So, because of our situation we are learning how to make strange things from scratch. It has been fun really and it is very good for me to learn the basics of some of these things before I go to Africa and can't buy simple things. We have made some yummy crackers! I've been making bread every other day and we sat down as a family and made pasta. It was so fun and so yummy! When it came time to cook the pasta I didn't have anything to put on it so I faked it! I used a few small tomatoes I had in the fridge, olive oil, garlic salt, and some basil and spinach from my garden. I simmered it all and then tossed our pasta in it. Oh and we also tossed in some feta cheese (thanks to the storm :) It was so tasty the kids ate so much. I am thankful for these times because it really is rewarding to make these things from scratch. I don't know if I would have made pasta from scratch. Well, that is my story for now. I will update this post with a picture I took of our pasta.