Friday, January 23, 2009

Picking up leaves with Papaw!

Ali couldn't help because she was chatting on the phone with MAMAW I suppose.

The other day Caleb and I weren't feeling too well and we were out of food. Papaw had off and came to our rescue. He hung out with us, went to the store for us and even cleaned up leaves in our backyard. I think he deserves that Papaw of the year award. Here are the picks.

Micah the skateboarding fool. Sponsored by his mom :)

Cole has been teaching Micah tricks on his board and Micah practices and practices. He has quite the balance! Go Micah! That's my boy! That's right ladies and gentlemen he just turned three.

Caleb Hospital Pictures

The poor kid had to sit in a hospital bed for three days. We ended up escaping and running the halls and going to the hospital library instead. We would wander around the whole place! Nice purple robe huh? All they had really. We had lots of visitors and stayed as busy as we possibly could. Caleb loved jumping or falling from the chair to the bed and back!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Micah's 3rd Birthday!

Well, this is Micah's 3rd birthday party. He had a super blast. The pictures are all out of order so if you want to see them in somewhat of a sequence then look at the bottom ones first. We had a skateboard cake, thanks to Aunt Pam and also a baseball pinata, thanks to Jess Schmid. Micah's prize present was a skateboard from Cole. Super cool and super generous. He is now an active skateboarder here in our backyard patio. Don't worry he wears a helmet and pads. He's getting better though. The pinata was a lot of fun all the kids anjoyed it. Ali as always cried at Micah's party. It just wouldn't be a birthday party without Ali crying. I skipped the picture of her tears though :) Enjoy the pics.

Our newest addition

As you all know we are having a beautiful baby girl. This is the readers digest version of what is going on in the Spangler family. We had our ultrasound to see if she was a boy or girl and they sent us to a specialist because something wasn't quite right. Well, it could have been nothing but it turns out it was something. Her femur is broken and our little girl has been diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta otherwise known as OI or brittle bones disease. Here is a link to the OIFoundation that has lots of good info on what the condition is Everyday it feels like our world is changing but we do know that God is in control of her little body. The pictures of her ultrasound are on a disc in some weird format and so far I can't figure out how to get them onto blogger. I'll keep working on it.

When it rains... we play in it. What else is rain good for in the desert? Growing things?

Okay so this day way so joyous. It was the essence of our family and of our life. We really really love to celebrate life. Mark was on his way home from drill and pulled up to see us literally soaking in the rain. The neighbors across the street were peeking out the window at us in shock. These pictures are from a few months ago so don't think we are playing in the rain in January. (The kids did play in the hose water a few days ago though.) Caleb thought we were a little nutty and watched from the front porch til the rain stopped. Then he enjoyed the nasty gutter. I know Micah looks miserable in this picture but no one had to convince him to come play with us. He was having a party even though he started to freeze.

Chris our neighbor came outside and took these pictures while he was standing under his umbrella. His wife decided to take a few pictures as well and this picture is the funniest of all cause she didn't want to get wet.