Sunday, May 31, 2009


Aww! Can't wait to see this one in black and white!

This picture was taken in attempt to get a good picture of our four beautiful children. I'm not sure yet if we actually got a good one or not. But we can all laugh at this one. At the very least this picture is a good representation of their personalities at this point. :)

I love this picture and can't wait to see it in black and white as well.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Ali and Jess

A couple cute ones of Zoe and Jordan

yawning together


Friday, May 29, 2009

Caleb's Two!

We didn't celebrate Caleb's birthday on his birthday but we happened to have a lot of people over to hang with Becca Morgan while she was in town visiting. Pam brought brownie bites so Mark thought it would be fun to stick a candle in one and let him blow it out. Caleb had so much fun he asked to do it over and over again! We laughed every time because everytime he made the same face. Here it is posted twice from two different blow-outs. Mark probably relit the candle 6 or so times. I can't wait til tomorrow when we are celebrating his b day with family. I'll post pics later I suppose.

More pics of Zoe

Zoe and Jordan (a week apart)

Jordan and Zoe

Happy bath time Zoe!

Caleb, Ali with Zoe, Micah, Alivia with Koleson

Koleson at three weeks old next to Zoe (on the right) at two weeks old. For the record Koleson was born six weeks early so he is a bit small :) And we all know our Zoe is a good healthy size!


Zoe scowling at Micah

Water pics

Micah at the Hiatt girls party and havin fun!
Ali up close and personal

Caleb playing at Berta's parent's house
Cool picture

Our big girl looking all grown up

Friday, May 15, 2009

Baby ZOE

Here is Zoe. She just got the Arythromycin on her eyes. Still, she is very cute.
This is our new family. The older kids were so excited to come see their new little baby sister.
Here is Zoe, wanting to eat, and sticking her tingue out. So cute.
Here is our little cutie getting her first meal.
Zoe in all her glory.

Monday, May 4, 2009

It is official swimming pool weather!

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Mamaw and Papaw's house and swam. It was a blast. I'm not sure if it is still snowing some places. If that is the case then I am not really sorry but I invite you out to beautiful Phoenix weather! Now is the time to come because in a few short weeks it will be sweating hot! Here are some pics.

A day at the pool is not a day at the pool if daddy does not do a cannon ball!

Mark was demonstrating how to go down the slide. :) Hahaha

They talked Papaw into cannon balling too!