Monday, December 31, 2007


Ali and camo dishes from Granny and Grandfather Moore.
Luke and Micah
Lauren and a new necklace
Me and the kids in Sedona. It was freezing!

Grandma Moore and Great Grandma Mary with Caleb and Nathan
Ali and a camo girl doll from Cabela's
Micah's new bike. (He can only pedal backwards)
It even has a hitch! This could get scarey!

Monkey face
Ali is clearly having a good time!
Caleb loves his gift! We all love it. It makes pictures on the ceiling at bed time. He can also turn this baby on when he fusses in the middle of the night. I've seriously gotten more sleep since this has been on his crib.
Ali thanks Mamaw!
Papaw and a new "toy" This is a tripod flashlight. LED oh yeah! We know how much I support LED lights :)

I'm not going to bore you with details so I'll just show you pics!

Espresso machine

For those who haven't seen it. Here it is! This post is dedicated to my loving husband and dear friend Renee. This machine is a beauty. I'm lovin it. Come on over and I'll make you a drink!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Last but not least.

Tonight I made pumpkin loaf and I'm about to eat some right before bed with a glass of milk past midnight. I'm not sure that there is any part of that that is healthy and okay but I'm doing it anyway. I love to bake! Oh yes and I all but finished those pajama pants. I'll show everyone later when we are all wearing them. I just need to have everyone try them on and adjust the lengths. We are all super short so when I mean adjust I mean hem :)

Christmas present from Indy

Our friend Indy surprised me one day and took me to

As You Wish. She wanted me to paint something for Mark and I using the kids feet or hands. I look through a book to get ideas. I decided to use their feet because Mark and I love little kid feet. I did find it funny that we would be eating off their feet though. Anywhoo, I didn't see anything I loved but I got some ideas so here is the plate I painted. It is actually a platter cause our kids have pretty huge feet. Ali's is in the middle, Micah's is on the left and Caleb's huge foot on the right. It's funny but his foot really is huge but looks small next to his sibling's feet. Hannah made us a baby's first Christmas ornament with his foot print on it and it is like the size of a saucer. I guess I can take a picture of that cuteness too.

I love this platter and I'm gonna have to find a way to hang it on the wall when I'm not using it. Thanks Indy! What a cool gift! Oh yeah and she took my kid while I finished painting it!

Our morning times

Here are some fun pictures from this morning. We always hang out and enjoy each other in the mornings when we don't have to leave right away. It is so great! Cutie pies!
Peek a Boo!

Tripple shot! I got them all in one picture! Caleb is up inthe bunk bed with Ali. They were snuggling. She had to pay me to let her hold him cause he's mine forever.
Peek a boo from Caleb this time
He's snuggled up so cute!
Micah is such a smiley cute kid! I hardly get anything done all day cause I just chase him around and kiss him.


I'm trying to make postage stamps and here are some cute pictures I took that may end up being on a stamp.

A helping hand

Well, I have a dear friend Hannah who loves to come over and help me when I need it and she even spends the night! It is great fun and good times had by all. Every once in a while I need help getting to church with all the kids at eight in the morning and that is a nearly impossible task for me so she comes and spends the night on Saturday. She is such a huge blessing! I love her and so do my children. Here she is with Caleb! Thank you Hannah! You Rock girl!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Me on my own blog!

I know I never take pictures of myself, especially not after long crappy days! Well, today it is different. Here I am on my own blog sewing. I'm trying to get done eight pairs of pj pants by Christmas. I'm not sure how I get into this but I am non the less. I have two absolutly finished and three in progress and three not even started. Fun times!

This picture was taken easily compliments of my logitec quick cam. Point click shoot.

Sleep pictures

Okay there is something significant about these group of sleep pictures. These were all taken in the same room at the same time! That's right folks tonight is the first night that the kiddos are all sleeping together. We'll see how it goes. So far so good, I mean the fact that they are all asleep in their own beds and not each others is amazing. Micah loves crawling in to bed with other people. No one else loves it though. Kinda funny really. Well, Caleb doesn't mind it much as long as he doesn't get stepped on :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dress up

Ok, does dress up get any better than this. There is nothing better than brother and sister getting along. Here is a sweet picture of Ali with a scarf tied around her head while straightening her brothers wings. That is just so sweet. This picture is from about two months ago but everytime I see it I laugh. What great fun! I have so many good ones of Micah. That's what happens when you have an older sister.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Our niece Addie!

Well, Happy belated Birthday to our beautiful niece Addie! I just wanted to publicly announce that since I didn't get to talk to her on her birthday. Addie, we love you and can't wait to see your pretty little face. Happy second birthday. Sorry I don't have some really cute picture of my three kiddos waving but I can't coordinate something that wonderful with only my two hands, so just pretend you can see them all sitting quietly waving. Tee hee.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Josh and Caleb playing together

Aww they are so cute. Caleb look beastly next to Josh.

Here is a crusty booger

Here is a crusty nose but funny picture.


Here is the funniest thing about this picture is that Josh is a perfect fifty fifty of his parents. I love it! Here is Josh our dear friends son. Oh yeah Caleb is there too. :)

Micah looking grown up

Micah does the craziest things. He was literally going all around the house fidgiting with things and banging things together to make really great noises. This of course was all going on while Ali was sleeping and I was trying to feed Caleb. Well, he finally had made enough noise for me to look up and see how cute he was. He can make such great noises with this stool on the tile floor. It is my favorite.

Caleb and Applesauce

The gag reflex. I love this one.
"What in the world are you doing to me mommy!"
I'll still smile if you make me. This is the first food I've given him where he has actually swollowed some and the first one where I could get a smile by acting goofy.
Make no mistake he still does not like it.
Ok so Caleb has not given food a warm welcome at all. It is quite sad really. He likes nothing. He even flinches when he sees a spoon. So, I decided to try applesauce. He made all the good baby faces but he ate a tiny tiny bit. (unlike the other foods we've tried) At this rate it would take a week to eat one tiny jar but whatever. I think he wants to skip blended foods and go straight for the hamburgers.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our Christmas Light Offering

This is only our second year hanging out lights as it is our second year in a house. So each year we've gotten a strand. Papaw has given us and hung the first strand both years. This year I bought a cool LED strand because I just couldn't live without it. (I aspire to own more LED Christmas lights in the future.) I went to hang it and Chris took pity on me and hung the second string of LED lights this year! We are excited to be adding to our electric bill a little more each year. :)

More pics of our house of the night

Santa Hanging by a rope I guess. I am just so impressed! I know I keep saying that.

Christmas Light Looking

I'm not sure what you call it! I call it Christmas Light Looking. Micah fell asleep just moments before we found the winner for the evening. As you can see Caleb is passed out and Ali is still awake.

Cole and Lauren are up still. Cole must have been blinking in the picture but I didn't retake it. Oh well. Blog errors. I'm definitly not the perfectionist or the photographer.
Here is the winner of the night! The pictures do not do this home justice. We will revisit this one later with friends. I've been seriously enjoying CLL this year. It has been a superior activity since the slightest string was hung on a house I drove by.
I actually got out of the car to take pictures just for my blog. We were truely amazed.
TWO count them Two planes with moving propellors. Now this is a house only a mile away from my house so this isn't like Scottsdale people. We were impressed!