Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kitchen Remodel

We were tearing up tile to lay new tile, since our old ones were popping off the floor, and found wet. We traced the wet to mold and had to move out for a few days and replace our cabnets and some drywall. Fun times hahahaha. Here are some pics!

Here is Micah and his Grandfather tearing up tile! Micah did a great job. He helped out from begining to end.
Here is where we found mold and rotted wood on one of the cabnets. I believe three or four of them had mold and rotted wood. That is most of my lower cabnets. Behind this cabnet on the dry wall was mold too! My brother and Sam and John really pulled this together and did a great and fast job that weekend. They are truely amazing!
More yuck!

Here is my new floor and new drywall before the tile was grouted.

John and Micah are working hard. Micah is eyeing John's hammer.
My new kitchen. I'm gettting the new coutertops installed on Friday. Mark will replace the upper cabnets when he gets home. I'll shoot some more photos when it is all done. I wasn't looking to remodel my kitchen but I have a beautiful end result!
The guys had only two days to pull all of this off and so they carefully put the cabnets in while the grout was still wet! They did a great job! THey are amazing. What a blessing from my friends and family. I was beside myself from shock and overwhelmed by having to move out of my house and just the whole disaster but they all really did it! My friends and more family came over the following days and helped me put the kitchen back together. Also the entire house was covered in a layer of dust. We are still recovering from it. What a project!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008
Back by popular demand
Well, I know I haven't blogged in a while. Lots has happened. I won't make anyone die over the details so I'll just say, I was sick, we found mold in the kitchen and now everything is livable and much better. So, here I am. Random stuff, Caleb is going through this weird "patch" allergy tesing. They basically put food all over his skin and leave in there for several days and then check it. Sounds very high tech. I hope they figure something out. So far he has been able to eat Zero out of about ten foods I've tried. Fun times. WEll, I'm sure I have pictures to post but the biggest news I have is......MARK JUST LANDED IN THE US!!!!!!!!!! Whew whoo! He should be home to us within a week or so. I'm glad he is in the states and breathing FREE air! Hurray.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

FRG girls night out

Here are more pics. We got a pic with Tim and Willy who are very very very grateful for our husbands serving in Afgh. We also took a pic with Tim Hawkins. Fun night!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


In case anyone misses home. If you don't miss home then you should and here is why. These are from my mother is laws camera. Isn't she talented?!

Josh and Caleb

I happen to love Josh's facial expressions. I catch the greatest looks on his face.
Here is Josh and Caleb again. What can I say ladies and gentlemen, they are just so cute! Don't hate us cause our kids are cute :)

Ladies night out

Here is my wonderful friend Kristen! We've bonded this last year and our husbands are close friends on the other side of the world so that is fun.
Here are some of the ladies at California Pizza Kitchen before going shopping and then making our way over to the Tempe Improv. We had a great night. We saw Tim Hawkins and we got a picture with Tim and Willy and also Tim Hawkins. I'll be posting those later. They are someone elses camera.

Caleb and his daddy bear

I thought this was so cute i had to take the picture! It almost looks posed but I assure you I have no time for posing pictures! This is Caleb with his daddy bear. Awww!

Micah's birthday

Micah looks like he is licking his lips getting ready to eat his cake!

We had a very last minute cake party for Micah. Here are some of the pics from his second birthday.

Thanks to Mamaw for baking a last minute five layer cake!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

More bike pics

These are two bike trailers connected together and attatched to my bike. What will Galen come up with next. Mark's parents got us the double trailer and my parents got us the bike trailer that looks like a bike. This will ride all our kids. When Mark is home we can each take one. Fun fun fun. Here's pics.

The circus comes to town

This is the way we ride bikes! Fun times. Only Micah is along for the ride this time but Ali will ride the bike and the boys ride in the back. Fun times!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Josh smacking his mom

I thought this home video was hilarious. Let me know if it should be sent in to America's Funniest Home Videos. Do you think it can win?

Caleb and Josh again

I'll have to catch this on video but...

Caleb is learning to crawl. He has this weird sort of fumbling crawl. Nothing is safe anymore that is for sure. Well, here is Josh and Caleb again. Josh is in the excersaucer and Caleb is smiling on the floor. They even happen to match that day.

Bath paints

Notice the paint dripping down the wall in the background.

The kids got paint for their baths it's cool stuff and it makes bathtime even more fun. They paint on the walls and it turns into bubbles in the tub. Fun Times! Even more fun because we were having a slumber party and some Jr highers helped out by giving them a bath. It was a blast. The Jr Higher's had as much fun as Ali and Micah.

Matching socks :)

We all got camo socks for Christmas from Lynn, Berta's mom. That entire family has been such a blessing to us this entire deployment! Thanks to them! We love you.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody. We brought in the new year with the Arliskas', Stayer's, and Schmid's. Fun times had by all.

Don't worry folks it's only sparjling cider. Caleb loves the stuff, obviously.