Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Abi Leah and Micah

Berta took some pictures of Abi, Leah and Micah. Very cute. I'm not sure what Micah was thinking here. Abi is one of his favorite girls though!

Photo shoot for Caleb

Roberta took a mini photo shoot with Caleb for fun because he was being cute and here are some of the pics. They turned out soooo cute.

Slip N Slide with Smiths

We went over to the Smith's house for some slip n slide action and we sure had a fun time. Berta used her mad-fantabulous photography skills to capture some great pictures and these are only a small sampling of the cool pics she took. I should have taken a picture of Berta sitting at the end of the slip n slide risking herself and her camera for some of these shots. Well worth it I'd say. They all took turns running and sliding and Mark even tossed them down a few times and they loved that. Caleb is much more conservative so her usually walked the slip n slide the wrong direction. When we were right about to clean it up Caleb decided to give it a try. Berta spent quite a bit of time trying to capture Caleb's face as he tossed water up in the air, again, a risky job. I have some great pictures that tell a story about our day and I can't wait to print a few off and hang them on our wall :) Thanks for all your hard work!