Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kitchen Remodel

We were tearing up tile to lay new tile, since our old ones were popping off the floor, and found wet. We traced the wet to mold and had to move out for a few days and replace our cabnets and some drywall. Fun times hahahaha. Here are some pics!

Here is Micah and his Grandfather tearing up tile! Micah did a great job. He helped out from begining to end.
Here is where we found mold and rotted wood on one of the cabnets. I believe three or four of them had mold and rotted wood. That is most of my lower cabnets. Behind this cabnet on the dry wall was mold too! My brother and Sam and John really pulled this together and did a great and fast job that weekend. They are truely amazing!
More yuck!

Here is my new floor and new drywall before the tile was grouted.

John and Micah are working hard. Micah is eyeing John's hammer.
My new kitchen. I'm gettting the new coutertops installed on Friday. Mark will replace the upper cabnets when he gets home. I'll shoot some more photos when it is all done. I wasn't looking to remodel my kitchen but I have a beautiful end result!
The guys had only two days to pull all of this off and so they carefully put the cabnets in while the grout was still wet! They did a great job! THey are amazing. What a blessing from my friends and family. I was beside myself from shock and overwhelmed by having to move out of my house and just the whole disaster but they all really did it! My friends and more family came over the following days and helped me put the kitchen back together. Also the entire house was covered in a layer of dust. We are still recovering from it. What a project!

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Andy and Stephanie said...

WOW!!! Jessica the kitchen looks great! Miss you guys!