Monday, March 17, 2008

Our newest family picture

Aren't we cute. This was taken about a month ago. We don't get very many pictures of the whole family. My brother took it and it was so great I had to blog it. It is a good picture when Ali is not crying. Mark and I are excited to announce that we are going to NC to a JAARS technical evaluation. We ask for you to pray for us as we are trying to decide what our next steps will be and as they evaluate Mark's skills as a pilot. He's been flying a huge aircraft and is very used to that and he is getting evaluated in a little bug. A fly perhaps. I'm sure he'll do well if you are all praying for him. He always seems to do his best flying when people are praying :) Thanks! We'll keep you posted.

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kuwitzky said...

thanks for the update, i'm always checking your site - love you guys! -renee