Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Whew Whoo! We passed!

Well, our newest news is that Mark passed his Technical Evaluation with JAARS. We are so very excited! Being in NC and going through the TE has just brought us even more confirmation that we are on the right path. We are ready to go and jumping in with both feet. We both feel very strongly that as long as God keeps flinging open doors then we just keep headed in that direction. The timing may seem odd to some folks but it couldn't be more perfect in our lives. We are stepping out on faith that God will provide all we need and the means to be a part of bible translation through aviation! Our kids are excited too.

Over the past few years through a variety of circumstances and people God has put it on both of our hearts to the mission field specifically expediting bible translation using aviation. We have been praying about it for years and while Mark was deployed we started feeling like the time was coming soon. While Mark was in Afghanistan he started contacting JAARS to see what the needs were. Eventually we got news that they were in great need of several helicopter pilots! At the same time we were feeling led by God to check this out things were happening over seas and this huge need arose for them. We are thrilled that we kept going with the process, not knowing if this is the right time or not. We feel so strongly that it is and we are so excited to see what God is going to do. It is an amazing feeling to show up and hear that they've been praying for a helicopter pilot! Well, all we have to say to that is...
Our God is an amazing orchestrator! He is good and we are ready to go serve in a new capacity! Send us Lord!

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