Monday, November 17, 2008

Veteran's Day Parade

Our family and the Stayer kids went to the Veteran's Day Parade in Phoenix. Ali thought the entire "party" was for her dad. It was very cute. She still refers to it as daddy's party even when we explain there are many many more Veterans than just daddy. We had a lot of fun and it was a teary time for me (Jess).

Here are some pictures and there are more to come of some of the groups that support Veterans or some groups of Veteran's themselves.

This was a life sized ball that a woman was running on the inside of.
The kids really enjoyed this one.

This is Uncle Sam and I'm sure he wasn't shooting himself it just looks that way in the picture. Oops good timing I know.

Ali says, "Oh that airplane is so so cool." This was the first but not the last floating float we saw ever. I was truly amazed that these huge floats just floated. It was way fun and the kids were also equally impressed. The folks holding down this float ended up doing a well choreographed turn (the entire plane spun around in one place) and so that was impressive too.

This was an especially fun float there were lots of clowns and they were handing out flags to all the kiddos. They had lots of old firetrucks at this parade. I've never seen so many different kinds of firetrucks before.

This was the side of one of the firetrucks. I believe this one belonged to the radio station that was helping DJ the Veteran's Parade. It was really touching to see a firetruck with this painted on the side.

The kids went between the curb and this wall behind where we were sitting. They were very cute how they would clap and shout hurray for different floats especially those where there were service men and women in military uniforms because that they recognized.

This float represented the woman nurses who served in war times. It was pretty amazing all they had to say about these woman and the crowds were very excited and appreciative for what these women have done.

This eagle was very impressive. You could see it coming from a ways off and the people handling it were very active so to speak. The eagle moved quite a bit. Dipping and flying.

This brings us to the end of our pictures. We have a ton more of many different groups that were there. The Vietnam Vets were some of the coolest to see because people just cheered and cheered for them. I think everyone knows how they were treated when they came home and I know there is no way to make up for that but people are sure willing to recognize them as heroes now. We are so thankful for the support of all those people and it was so fun to go out there are show our support and thanks to those that don't get thanked enough.


CPT Mom said...

I, too, cried my way through the parade. It must be the hormones. And the previous deployment.

JessandJon said...

Wow girl, when you blog, you take care of business! Is that like 5 blogs in a row?!? Nice!!!

JessandJon said...

The parade was cool, but not what I want to talk about. Mark is an amazing man and if you ever get in trouble for "accidently" pushing the children off of play equipment. I'm there for you. Just give me a call and I will show up with the get away car and a bag of food to stop the pregnant lady.

markandjesss said...

who let Jon on Blogger again?