Thursday, January 15, 2009

When it rains... we play in it. What else is rain good for in the desert? Growing things?

Okay so this day way so joyous. It was the essence of our family and of our life. We really really love to celebrate life. Mark was on his way home from drill and pulled up to see us literally soaking in the rain. The neighbors across the street were peeking out the window at us in shock. These pictures are from a few months ago so don't think we are playing in the rain in January. (The kids did play in the hose water a few days ago though.) Caleb thought we were a little nutty and watched from the front porch til the rain stopped. Then he enjoyed the nasty gutter. I know Micah looks miserable in this picture but no one had to convince him to come play with us. He was having a party even though he started to freeze.

Chris our neighbor came outside and took these pictures while he was standing under his umbrella. His wife decided to take a few pictures as well and this picture is the funniest of all cause she didn't want to get wet.


Chris and Roberta Smith said...

I didn't want the camera to get wet...and I can't take a good one handed picture...I needed to get on the kids level!

markandjesss said...

No explanation needed Berta. It's okay we know there is good reason... right guys... wink wink. That picture cracks me up every time I see it. The measures you will go to to get a good picture. Your so good!