Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Caleb's ball game

Mamaw was watching the kids for us one afternoon so we could go to a few doctors appointments. We came home to find them playing a game in the backyard that delighted Caleb over and over again. Turns out that Caleb told Mamaw exactly how to do it too! He told her to throw the ball up on the roof and she said he was so clear in his directions and he said it with so much confidence she was sure we'd played this game before! We hadn't. Everytime the ball came down Caleb would squeel and chase it. It was so hilarious. So we continued the game even after we got home just cause it was so much fun. Here are some fun pictures of our time.

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Chris and Roberta Smith said...

I know who taught him that game...the crazy next door neighbor! Joshua always tries to play that too, but it only works when Daddy (the crazy one) is here!