Friday, May 15, 2009

Baby ZOE

Here is Zoe. She just got the Arythromycin on her eyes. Still, she is very cute.
This is our new family. The older kids were so excited to come see their new little baby sister.
Here is Zoe, wanting to eat, and sticking her tingue out. So cute.
Here is our little cutie getting her first meal.
Zoe in all her glory.


Andy and Stephanie said...

She is such a sweetie!! You have such a beautiful family. Congrats Spangler family on the new arrival!

JessandJon said...

YAY!!!!!! :) She looks just like her brothers and sisters already. So cute! Can't wait to meet her! (Literally, I am coming up there today!!) :)

Chris and Roberta Smith said...

OH...what a cutie! The pic of all fo you is very cute...although Caleb looks like he is more enamored with the TV then his sister...Josh will be the same way I am sure :) We are looking forward to seeing you also. And I love the pic of Zoe after her bath (in all her glory). Looks pro to me!

The Smith Family said...

Congrats! She is beautiful! Can't wait to meet her!

Ryan and Kristen said...

AHHH!! Love the pictures! Can't wait to get back and visit. You all look great!!!

Greg, Niki and Addie said...

Yep! It's a Spangler baby alright! That last picture- we have an almost identical one of Addie!