Monday, August 17, 2009

Marty's Bench

Our dear friend Marty Stayer died the year after Mark and I got married and has a bench down the street from where his parents used to live in San Diego. The bench overlooks Pacific Beach. We've been to Marty's memorial bench before but we thought we'd like to see it again with our kids. Ali sat down right away and started reading the placard.


Chris and Roberta Smith said...

That is very cool. I miss Marty

stoolpigeon said...

I miss him too.

Where is that bench at exactly? Don't know that I'll be in San Diego any time soon, but just in case.

JR Peck

Douglas D'Abate said...

Mission Beach , I'm sitting here on his bench watching the surf break is such a beautiful day the sun is warm and embracing on the 28th of February 2015

Deb Ratliff said...

I was a kid from Minnesota in the 60's. Marty taught me how to surf. We lived across the street from eachother on Mission Blvd.