Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Grandma and Papa's (well the Arlliskas kids')

Playing Bob the Builder!

Mommy playing with Zoe

Caleb licking his face clean. (He's got a super long tongue.)

Caleb "hiding" behind a plant


Cat after being pet.


Making "food" outside.

Little CalebFour bumps on a log.

Picture taken from the loft. Grown ups were eating breakfast.Walkin' to the pond

My little stud muffin!

Ali and Caleb shared a bed. Soooooo cute!

We had such a fun time out at Hannah and Sarah's Grandma and Papa's house. Caleb was calling Papa "Papa" when we left. He also wanted Papa to do everything with him and for him. We all thought it was so cute. The kids all had a blast playing "Bob the Builder" too! Fun times. Thanks for inviting us Arliskas girls!

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