Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Accidental Green Bean Casserole

I had a couple handfuls of fresh green beans and a half a purple onion along with some mushrooms that equaled about a half a box to a full box and I decided to chop the mushrooms up small cut the green beans and dice the onion. I warmed my skillet and used olive oil to saute about three cloves of garlic. Then I added the green beans and last the onion and mushrooms. Oh wait! I had a fresh tomato that I diced and tossed in once everything was almost done cooking. When they were finished I dumped it is a casserole dish. At this point I didn't realize I was going to make green bean casserole. But then it hit me I had all the ingredients except the white sauce. So I cooked up a small white sauce. Using two tblsp of butter and flour and some milk til I thought I have enough. It thickened and I dumped it over the veggie mess. I shredded some kinda yummy Italian cheese over the top (Mark knows the name.) I stick it in the fridge and covered it. I heated it up on 350 for maybe 30 minutes. Oh my goodness! This was the best green bean casserole ever. I had to type this right away after eating it because I want to remember how it came about so I can try to duplicate. I don't measure very many things so it is hard for me to write out my recipes. I make some awesome dishes and think that I will remember but I never do so I am using my blog to archive them for myself. I'm not sure if I can put these in a separate folder. Let me know if anyone knows how to do that so people don't have to see these. I have tried many recipes for green bean casserole and I'm so so so glad that I had some mushrooms, green beans and a half an onion that needed to be cooked all at the same time. Fun fun for my family!

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