Monday, December 31, 2007


Ali and camo dishes from Granny and Grandfather Moore.
Luke and Micah
Lauren and a new necklace
Me and the kids in Sedona. It was freezing!

Grandma Moore and Great Grandma Mary with Caleb and Nathan
Ali and a camo girl doll from Cabela's
Micah's new bike. (He can only pedal backwards)
It even has a hitch! This could get scarey!

Monkey face
Ali is clearly having a good time!
Caleb loves his gift! We all love it. It makes pictures on the ceiling at bed time. He can also turn this baby on when he fusses in the middle of the night. I've seriously gotten more sleep since this has been on his crib.
Ali thanks Mamaw!
Papaw and a new "toy" This is a tripod flashlight. LED oh yeah! We know how much I support LED lights :)

I'm not going to bore you with details so I'll just show you pics!

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