Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas present from Indy

Our friend Indy surprised me one day and took me to

As You Wish. She wanted me to paint something for Mark and I using the kids feet or hands. I look through a book to get ideas. I decided to use their feet because Mark and I love little kid feet. I did find it funny that we would be eating off their feet though. Anywhoo, I didn't see anything I loved but I got some ideas so here is the plate I painted. It is actually a platter cause our kids have pretty huge feet. Ali's is in the middle, Micah's is on the left and Caleb's huge foot on the right. It's funny but his foot really is huge but looks small next to his sibling's feet. Hannah made us a baby's first Christmas ornament with his foot print on it and it is like the size of a saucer. I guess I can take a picture of that cuteness too.

I love this platter and I'm gonna have to find a way to hang it on the wall when I'm not using it. Thanks Indy! What a cool gift! Oh yeah and she took my kid while I finished painting it!

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