Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Light Looking

I'm not sure what you call it! I call it Christmas Light Looking. Micah fell asleep just moments before we found the winner for the evening. As you can see Caleb is passed out and Ali is still awake.

Cole and Lauren are up still. Cole must have been blinking in the picture but I didn't retake it. Oh well. Blog errors. I'm definitly not the perfectionist or the photographer.
Here is the winner of the night! The pictures do not do this home justice. We will revisit this one later with friends. I've been seriously enjoying CLL this year. It has been a superior activity since the slightest string was hung on a house I drove by.
I actually got out of the car to take pictures just for my blog. We were truely amazed.
TWO count them Two planes with moving propellors. Now this is a house only a mile away from my house so this isn't like Scottsdale people. We were impressed!

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