Thursday, July 24, 2008


This is an unofficial newsletter about the exciting news we have to share. Many of you can be expecting a more formal newsletter in the near future.

We are official members of Wycliffe Bible Translators/Jaars. It is a little complicated and I don't completely understand it, so more to come on that.

So now what? You may be asking, well it is pretty exciting. We are leaving to go back to the east coast. We will be camping with our Sunday school class. Then getting to Hang with the Indy Spangler's, with a chance of going to the Creation museum. Followed up with a stint in N.C. After N.C. we are going to visit friends in Alabama and going to Orlando to do more training. Whew!!

After Orlando, we come home and hopefully visit our Friends in TX.

There is the down and dirty. We are so excited to be entering this stage in our lives.

Please continue to pray with us. We kind of know what we are getting ourselves into, and kind of waiting to see what happens. Very exciting, don't you think?

And to keep you interested here are some random pics...


JessandJon said...

Yay!!!! Take TONS of pictures of the creation museum, Jon is still scheming a way make it :)

Bob said...

Congratulations and welcome to Wycliffe! My wife, Dallas, and I will look forward to seeing you in a future Training Camp in Orlando.

Bob Creson
Wycliffe Bible Translators USA