Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Caleb walking

Ok here is the story. Ali walked right before she turned one. Micah walked when he was 10 months and here Caleb (14 months old) is not having any interest in walking at all. He has all the coordination and balance to do it he just refuses. It's really funny. The joke amongst friends was that Caleb would just start walking one day and we may not even notice. Well, that day arrived my friends. True story: I was playing Wii with my nephew Dalton and Caleb came walking into the room. I saw him out of the corner of my eye but for some reason it hadn't struck me yet that he was walking. He walked past us and turned towards the TV. When he got close I looked at him and said, "no no Caleb" cause I didn't want him to turn it off and that is when it hit me that he was walking and Dalton and I started laughing! He turned around and walked back to me and so I started yelling with excitement for anyone to run in here and see this sight. I was afraid it could be another week before he'd walk again. You never know with this kid. If anyone knows Caleb they know he sure does things in his own time but when he does it he is pretty darn good at it. I'm not sure what this means for the rest of his life but so far he sure pulls things off well.


JessandJon said...

Ha ha! That is SOOOO funny!!!

mamaw said...

(sigh and tears in my eyes) My baby.............love you guys!