Thursday, August 7, 2008

Parenting styles

Let's be open minded here. There are many different parenting types and styles and this provides diversity to our world. In other countries parents may do things that we never would have thought of and never would do. But even here in America I've come to realize there are so many different but good ways to parent. I would be driven nuts and hate parenting if I did it like some of the people I know and love and they'd be nuts to do it my way. All that said... Let's embrace our family styles! Our kids! Our parenting styles! And Us! Here are some pictures that may horrify some of you if you were in the room as this was happening. I love my kids to be independant in certain areas and I am willing to pay the consequences. On a side note. My sister in law Niki has shown me a really cool bib that would cut my laundry in half. I have thought about it and I realize that if I had a wipeable bib those of you who know me well know it would sit on the counter unwiped because I'd be off and running to the next fun thing. Oh well, I'm doomed to extra laundry. Niki is wonderfully organized so if anyone needs advice on that sort of thing she's the one to ask(she can show you her cool bib. I hope someone got a raise over that one cause it's the coolest bib I've ever seen) Some day I will see the light. Maybe when I'm a granny :) I do know however that my house was very clean before I had kids and I don't know if I look forward to the days without my litte messes when people can eat off of my BATHROOM floors again. I'd love the clean but I'd miss the fun. Okay all that being said here are the pics! I'll try to add more pics in the future of our parenting stlyle.

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Greg, Niki & Addie said...

You knew those pictures would horrify me, didn't you? I can see you laughing now.
Yes, we can parent different and admire each other. You like my bibs, I like how you jump in the puddles.
Glad you're my sister in law!