Monday, August 18, 2008

Gone to the Market

Well, we got to go to a flea market of sorts to complete a homework assignment. Good times. We got together with two other families and off we went. It was somewhat crowded but not so bad. Our ultimate goal was to interact a bit with the venders and also eat something foreign. So here I go up to the gal at a food counter. I didn't recognize what food she was selling so in my pitiful Spanish I ask what is it? She says in English pork. Now I'm looking at this food and I know it isn't pork but she offers me a bite and I try it. It was pretty nasty and slimy and I'm starting to think to myself, "If I were in another country and this were offered to me I would hope they don't offer me more than one bite." Well, I decided it would be a good food for the whole group to try so I buy one big Chicharon con something and everyone tries it. Mark realizes right away that we are eating pig intestines and so that explained how it was pork but didn't look like it. Wow fun times. Well, there are many things I am looking forward to living in another country and experiencing new things but I have to admit the food ISN'T always good and I've heard stories about having to eat food that is still moving! Well, at least I know it is fresh!
Here are some random pictures having nothing to do with the market. I felt too touristy to take pictures while we were there so I refrained. Here are pics of us hanging out in our apartment.

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Andy and Stephanie said...

You go girl! You are so brave and have such a positive outlook on foreign food. Your kids look so grown up! Miss ya.